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Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #003 -- Cute Cats Contest and More Polls
September 08, 2010

Cat Lovers Digest, Issue #003

September 8, 2010

Welcome to the September Issue of Cat Lovers Digest.

I'd like to extend a big thank you to all who have contributed your thoughts, pictures, videos, comments, recommendations, and stories to the site. I truly appreciate it and so do all the other visitors.

If you haven't already, make sure you enter the cute cats contest while you can still enter.

In This Issue

1. Traveling Cats
2. Cat Food Polls
3. Favorites

Traveling Cats

If your cat hates car rides or any kind of travel, you are certainly not alone. Some cats do like to travel, but most don't unless you ease them into it, preferably starting at a young age.

In case you missed them, I recently posted three articles on cats and travel. You might want to start with these tips, to be used with the travel checklist, and then finish with this one on easing anxiety when traveling with a cat.

Cat Food Polls

So far, here is what we have for the results of the best dry cat food poll.

I don't feed dry food 5
Avoderm 1
Hill's or Science Diet 4
Iams 1
Meow Mix 1
Nutro Max Cat 3
Nutro Natural Choice 1
Purina One 4
Purina Cat Chow 2
Royal Canin 2
Wellness Core 1
Whiskas 1
Wysong 1

Reader suggestions:

Vets Choice Health Extension 1
Raw Diet 1

Please take the poll if you haven't already, and please take the new best canned cat food poll as well. Thanks!


Some recent favorites...

Favorite cat picture: Calico cat with an attitude!

Another fave: Kitty with a paint job

I haven't seen anything new in the way of videos that really trip my trigger, so I'll stick with this from last month.

Favorite cat video: Talking cats video

Favorite kitty blog: Cat Chat

Until next time, have a furry nice day!


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