Cat poops on carpet

by Notmyrealname
(McHenry, IL, USA)

We have this cat named Layla. She's an adorable creature, but she often refuses to poop in her litter box. She knows she isn't supposed to do this, because she won't do it if we are watching her, and she always pees on her litter.

We clean the box constantly, and we've even picked her up and placed her in the box in the middle of a go. She keeps pooping outside the box. I don't get it, anybody have advice?

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having problems. I've mentioned this a lot, but some cats develop a preference to pee in one box and poop in another. If that's the cause, adding an additional box often solves the problem.

Has she been checked by your vet with this problem in mind? Some readers have found that when their cats intermittently refuse to use the box, it's a reaction to a medical problem that flares up.

Does she have hard stools? Loose stools? Sometimes a bowel problem, like hard or loose stools, can throw a cat off the box. Hard stools can indicate constipation which can cause straining and pain, which in turn can cause cats to associate the litter box with pain.

Did anything change right before this started? Any additions or removals of family members? Any changes in routines? How about a change in diet? Are the litter box and the food bowl in the same locations they always were?

Readers have noted that sometimes seemingly subtle changes to us can mean big changes for their cats.

These issues tend to be harder to solve if they go on for a long time. If nothing rings a bell, you might want to try isolation retraining to see if that helps get her back on track.

I hope that helps and please let us know how it goes with her.

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