Cat becomes aggressive around other cats

by Fatema

Luna at two months

Luna at two months

I have an 11 month old indoor female cat (Himalayan ), which may be pregnant. This is another problem on its own. She was seen outside several times mating without my knowing that she was outside, during one heat cycle.

I have several questions:

1. My cat Luna is a very active cat and gets bored very easily. She was separated from her mother since she was young (probably less than one month).

I got her from a guy when she was one-and-a-half months old. Because of that, she is not used to being with other cats, and gets thrilled when she sees a cat outside through the window. Because of that, she always tries to go outside and chase them.

You might think that that it's easy getting rid of the other cat and poof, but not for me in my village. There are tons of cats/cat families.

Some are my neighbor's, some are strays, and some are our rescued cats, which are living completely fine, they have shelters, food, and they are taken care of, so I can't get rid of them.

Every time I want to walk my cat outside, these cats are everywhere, so she runs a away from me (including the leash and harness) and chases them even if the cats are not showing any hints of aggression and competition.

After I quiet them down by raising my voice and waving my arms, I try to take my cat indoors again, not wanting this to continue.

She attacks my hand and attempts to wiggle out of my arms. By now she may seem
like an aggressive cat, but she's not.

She's actually very playful and affectionate around me and acts as a normal cat, but as I told you she changes 180 after spotting a cat.

What I really want is Luna to be comfortable around cats or at least not rage, especially around my outdoor cat, which is rescued and lives in my backyard and has two babies.

2. This is my second concern. When I walk Luna outside, she's very scared or worried when I pet her and growls and runs away, because she thinks I'm trying to take her inside again.

I really want her to be comfortable when she's outside with me. I really hate getting hissed/growled at by my cat.

I feel really bad for her, but I know for her safety I can't leave her outside alone, and I really need a solution for this.

3. Third problem. My neighbor and I are really close, like really close. She owns one female cat, and four kittens (three-five months old) who are outdoor cats, but they are really affectionate and playful just like any kittens.

I really want my cat and her kittens to be friends (or at least comfortable, not being enemies), because they always chase each other.

We have attempted to make them meet, but things went wrong, which is really funny. The kittens were more dominant and scared my cat. So I also need a solution for this. :<

All cats are not neutered, and I'm planning to get Luna neutered, but I'm going to have an ultrasound first. Can we neuter a pregnant cat?

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Spaying a pregnant cat
by: Elic

Yes, it is safe to spay a pregnant cat, to a point, but it is possibly too late already. I have had a feral fixed who was probably past that point, but those kittens probably would've died anyway, she was too thin to properly care for them. She had had at least 2 previous litters which only one kitten each survived. I suspect she was the mother of a cat I found in my front yard, but she had already abandoned him, so I don't count him as surviving because he wouldn't have if I hadn't found him.

I agree that keeping her inside is the best, especially since she's not properly socialized to other cats. She really doesn't need kitty friends if you provide her with proper entertainment inside. The other responder said that FIV can be transferred by scratching, but that's not true, it takes a bite for a cat to catch FIV from another cat, I've had an FIV+ cat inside for 14 years and nobody has caught it because he doesn't bite.

So, fix your cat now, more kittens are not needed. Catch your stray and fix that one. I'd say if you can afford it, get your neighbors cats fixed - I have - and that will cut down on fighting and kittens (and dead kittens.)

Remember, all your cat really needs is you, if she gets upset by seeing the other cats from the window, you will know that she won't be fighting with them and possibly catching something from them.

Neuter a pregnant cat?
by: Anonymous

Neutering a pregnant cat is called 'abortion'. I think part of your problem is that you don't know enough about cats to have them.

All cats need to be neutered before the age of 6 months. This is to not only prevent unwanted kittens, but also help control their maturity and primal impulses - like chasing other cats. Clearly that is territorial marking. If you're going to let your cat outside (I shudder at that), you also need to make sure they have all their shots every year. I took in a stray that was FIV positive. This was not a pleasant experience near the end. FIV can simply be caught by fighting. Getting a scratch from a feral FIV cat can write your babies death warrant.

Your baby was taken from its mama way too soon if you got it about 6 weeks. It didn't get the lessons it needed to be a decent cat. It doesn't get excited and want to play with other cats it sees. It wants to run them off, showing superiority and territory.

If you try a cat stroller, you can control her much better. She won't be able to get away from you to chase other cats, and you will be able to take her in and out (if you must) with much less fuss.

The world is a mean place. I'm a strong believer in cats being house pets. There are just too many dangers outside for them. Another alternative would be to build a cage at a window, where your cat can lay, chat with birds, get fresh air, and perhaps make friends with some of the ferals.

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