Rhinestone Cat Collars
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Rhinestone cat collars are popular among the feline "in crowd." If you want your cat to have that certain star appeal that rhinestones convey, then one of these collars might be just the ticket. Get your cat all spruced up and into one of the hot fashion trends with some designer jewelry.

Breakaway and safety collars are made so that if your cat happens to snag the collar on something, she can get away and leave the collar behind. This is especially important if your cat is an outdoor cat and may get stuck on plant branches or fences, and no one is around to help.

Places to Buy Rhinestone Cat Collars

Below are some places to buy. I've put a few offerings from each of the below merchants on this page. Click each of the links below to go to that section of the page.


Catsplay has some pretty cool items for both pets and people, including a line of feline jewelry. They have designer pet collars including safety collars, those made of imitation leather, and of course the rhinestone appointed ones.

Catsplay actually has an entire selection of costume jewelry for pets.

Personalized Rhinestone Slide Letter & Charm Collar

Price: 5.99
Your pet can now be a part of the hottest fashion trend -- with h...Read More

Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar - 11 Color Choices

Price: 34.99
Our gorgeous Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar comes in your c...Read More

Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar with Heart Charm

Price: 36.99
Our Safety Rhinestone Pet Collar with Heart Charm is 3/...Read More

Pretty in Pearls Pet Collar

Price: 39.99
Classic Elegance. Our Pretty in Pearls Rhinestone Pet Collar...Read More

V Crossover Rhinestone Pet Collar

Price: 39.99 Our V Crossover Rhinestone Pet Collar is 1/2" wide,...Read More

V is for Vogue Rhinestone Pet Collar

Price: 39.99 Our V is for Vogue Rhinestone Pet Collar is 1" wide...Read More

Have a look at more choices below or

visit the Catsplay website to see their entire inventory.


PetSmart offers thousands of products for cat lovers, but as of this writing, they don't seem to have much in the way of these types of products.

Whisker City Shimmer Breakaway Safety Collar

Whisker City Rhinestone Cat Safety Collar

Rhinestone Cat Collars on eBay

No matter what you're looking for eBay has auctions from private individual sellers and online stores. Below you will find search results (or you can do your own search), and seller listings.

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