Ragdoll cat pooped upstairs on bedroom carpet

by Anonymous

My Ragdoll cat is nearly a year old and has recently started to poo on the upstairs carpet. I have recently moved out, so he just lives with my ex-partner.

I try to still see him but worried he is on his own too much and this is the reason why?

My thoughts: I think it's very possible that your absence has had an impact on him and could be the main cause, if the following things are true:

He's been checked by a vet and given the all clear. These things often turn out to be medical in nature.

Nothing else has changed with respect to the litter box, litter, schedules and other aspects of his life. For example, is the litter box being maintained the same as before?

I've said many times how much cats hate change. Major life changes, such as in the case of your moving out of the house, can have a big impact on a cat's life.

Obviously, if you could spend more time with him, that might help. He may just be feeling off because of the turmoil, disruption in his routine, or lack of attention.

Perhaps if your ex-partner were to be sure to pay more attention to him, that would do the trick. If that's not possible, it would be good if you can work something out where you see him more often.

I hope that helps and I hope he gets back on track quickly.

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