Do Pet Horoscopes Explain Your Cat's Behavior?

Pet horoscopes are keeping pet owners entertained. But... perhaps the real answer to why your cat is moody is in the stars?

You may have already seen the pet psychic on TV who can tell you why your cat doesn't get along with the neighbor's dog. (Ah, well, it's a dog, so that's not too hard to guess.)

Along those lines, people are quite interested in what the stars have to say about their pets. This should not be unexpected given the popularity of astrology in general.

Below is a collection of links to horoscopes for pets. I have no idea where people come up with this stuff, but there seems to be great interest on the Internet for it.

If the demand for this stuff on the web is any indication, the entertainment value is there, to be sure. But, while they can be entertaining, maybe I will actually find the answer to why one of my cats likes to eat my chairs?

hmmm... doubt it. But, the below resources just may have you asking your cat "what's your sign?"

If your cat is exhibiting strange behavior, you might want to first check with your vet, as a sudden change in behavior may be a symptom of illness.

Free/Generic Animal Horoscopes

These are free to view and not animal specific...

Horoscopes at Pets Forum

Pet Astrology by Nancee Belshaw

Russell Grant's Horoscopes for Your Pet's list of Horoscopes for Your Pet

Free Horoscopes for Cats

Free and specifically for the cat lover...

Cat Horoscope at Pets Forum

Fun cat stuff

More cat stuff

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