My cats refuse to get on :(

by Izzie

I have 2 14 year old cats. They are brother and sister. They get on great. Well, when I say great, they live side by side if that makes sense.

Lucy the female, spends most of her time inside, where as Brandi the male, likes to be out all the time.

New kitten in the house

I recently introduced a 12 week old poly kitten into our group, but neither cat will even go near the new kitten. They have shown nothing but hostility towards her.

She doesn't pester them at all as she's more of a people cat, but the other 2 are constantly growling and hissing at the kitten, even though she leaves them alone.

It's even to the point that Lucy went for the kitten a few days ago. Please help. I really want them to get on with the kitten. I'm not asking for them to love her and fuss her, just not be mean. Any ideas?

Editor's note: Congratulations on your adoption! While some amount of hissing and fighting is often normal when a newcomer threatens a resident cat's territory, a slow introduction process can help smooth the way.

If you start the new kitten out in a room by herself, and then slowly introduce the cats following a proven process that has worked for others in the past, you'll be ahead of the game.

What I would do is pretend as though your new kitten has not even met Lucy and Brandi yet, and set her up in a room by herself. Then, start the introduction process.

I've already outlined this introduction process on another page, so I'm going to link to that here as that is the full answer... how to introduce a new cat.

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