My cat rubs herself on my rugs almost always after pooping

by Michael
(Cranston, RI)

PLEASE, I am at wits end. My cat is 3 years old and almost every time she poops she rubs her hiny on the rug.

My vet has cleaned some stinky glands near her bum but it didn't help. Anyone have any suggestions? I am really at wits end.

My thoughts:

I've been reading up anal gland disease (or anal sac disorder) and this problem can be chronic. Another reader's cat recently had the same or similar problem.

I've seen cats rub like that if they have constipation, which is often caused by fur in the stool.

When the rubbing behavior is caused by some sort of anal gland disorder, however, then treatment is needed. This includes manually expressing the gland, and/or antibiotic treatment. In more serious cases, surgery is required.

If your cat is still having a problem with this after having treatment, then it would be logical to assume that either the treatment was not completely effective, or the problem simply has recurred. Your cat may need antibiotics, and another manual treatment.

I would call the vet and see what, if any, additional treatment is required. Here is an article that explains more about anal sac disorder.

Perhaps someone else has more insight on this problem and will comment as well.

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