My cat keeps pooing on the carpet

by Neetu

My Kitten, approximately 6 months old, keeps pooing on the carpet in the lounge. When we first brought him home he spent most of his time in our lounge and was peeing and pooing in his litter tray.

Recently, he has started pooing behind the sofa on the carpet, the rug. So we kept him out of the lounge and let him have free reign around the rest of the house.

We then let him out in the garden, as we thought that may help and he would poop in the garden. He seemed fine, but today again instead of using his litter tray he came and pooed on the front door mat. I am very confused and do not know what to do, please help. Many thanks.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is having issues. If he's got some sort of medical problem, only your vet can help you there. Bowel problems can sometimes be difficult to diagnose without a more extensive exam and testing, but assuming the vet clears him as healthy, here are some ideas...

If he seems to have a favorite spot, one "trick" is to place a litter box right on that spot and see if he uses it.

Some cats like to poop in one box and pee in the other. Do you have two boxes? If not, I would try that. I would also make sure the boxes are squeaky clean and use the same type of litter that you used when he was consistently using the box.

Can you identify a trigger? The way you describe the problem, it sounds like it's intermittent. Is there a recurring pattern here?

Was there some change in his life just prior to this problem starting? A stress point? If you can identify the change, stress point, or recurring pattern, that may give you a clue as to what is setting him off.

Do his stools look normal? Constipation can often cause painful straining, resulting in a negative association with the litter box.

In extreme cases with healthy cats that don't seem to have a particular trigger, isolation retraining can be a remedy.

I hope that helps and please keep us updated on his situation.


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Nov 21, 2014
cat pooping on the carpet
by: Darci Scott

My parents went through that with our cats Taz and Squeaky. Squeaky is about 6 yrs. old and Taz is a little over a year old. Taz is a very large cat. He came from a feral mom and dad. The mom is so tiny and as sweet as can be. We're not really sure who the dad is but their is a very large cat sometimes seen near my brothers garage where Chester stays. Chester is spoiled rotten and has plenty of room to play. My dad and brother thought Chester was a boy. After taking "Chester" to the vet for what we thought were intestinal problems and an extremely swollen stomach, we found out that Chester was not only a female but that she was pregnant. She had 5 babies. My parents adopted one of the feral kittens.

Taz is the only one to use the litter box, but Squeaky and Taz hate each other and they are both extremely territorial with everything. Squeaky would come in the house and poop behind my mom's lounge chair in the living room. He doesn't do it any more. I think that Squeaky was angry that there was an imposter in the house and he wanted to mark his territory to show Taz who was here first and who the boss was. Taz uses the litter box and also goes outside. Squeaky is more of an outside cat. He now goes to the bathroom outside.

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