My cat is showing unnatural aggression

by Emmalee
(Colorado, USA )

So close. Now so far

So close. Now so far

My four year old ragdoll cat, Mocha, has been with his sister since birth. They were inseparable. Two days ago Mocha started hissing and growling at his sister.

She can't be in the same room with him or eat or drink with him around. When she hisses back he swipes at her and growls so loud.

She is afraid of him. I have no idea what has gotten into him. He even occasionally hisses at growls at me. I am terrified he is going to hurt her. I have no clue what to do.

Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear that your cats are having problems. A sudden change in behavior can often indicate a medical problem.

If Mocha were my cat, I'd take him to the vet today to find out what's wrong.

Please let us know how he comes along.


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Mine also
by: Charly

My 4 yr old male is doing the same. Vet check blood n urine. Nothing was found however he screams and attacks when they make eye contact. I was referred to a behaviorist but haven't met with her yet. Don't know what to do.

I agree with Kurt
by: Sharon

I have had cats most of my life and I agree that it could be medical as that is usually how cats deal with their medical problems by striking out.

My body doesn't feel good!
by: Sunny

I agree with with going to the Vet. My cat was having renal problems and that is what she did with EVERYONE, it causes them alot of pain. I hope your lil fuzzy angel is OK soon!

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