My 14 year old cat poops on my carpet

by Stephanie Pyne

My 14 year old cat has started to poop in the house, on the carpet. We have cleaned it up, stuck her nose in it, said nothing, stroked her. We have tried everything, but she persists. Vets visit has no physical ailment. Help!

My thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear that your cat is having problems. Punishment doesn't work, so I wouldn't attempt that.

There are two possibilties that immediately come to mind. One, your cat may have an undetected health problem, or two, something else isn't quite right, either in your cat's life, or with the box and/or litter.

Perhaps there is something going on the vet missed. How extensive was the exam and testing? Did the vet do a full blood panel? At age 14, your cat is increasingly at risk for diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism, to name just a few of the more common problems.

Some other possibilities are arthritis or intermittent constipation, either of which could cause your cat to associate pain with bowel movements.

Or, perhaps your cat is truly physically fine, and just saying, "There's something wrong with my box (or the litter)."

Has anything changed in this area? Has anything changed in any other area of your cat's life? Any changes in the house? Diet? Routines?

Are there animals outside the house that might be upsetting her?

Have you tried placing a litter box directly on top of the area where she's going on the carpet? Have you tried adding another litter box?

I hope that helps and please keep us updated,

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