My 11 year old cat has started pooping on the floor!

For the last couple of months, my 11 year old female cat has started making a mess on the floor. She's an indoor cat and has never had a problem using her litter box before.

For the last few months, she seems to be using her box to both urinate and poop. When she's finished she runs away, as cats do, but there's always a small amount of poop that seems to be on the floor when she runs.

Sometimes the poop is not far from her box, but sometimes it's as far away as my bedroom. Sometimes it's quite wet, and then the next time it can be quite normal. She's eating and drinking as normal, too.

I've also noticed lately there is always some poop left matted into the hair around her bottom. When she cleans herself she seems to struggle to reach this area, so on a few occasions we've had to trim around her bottom or cut the poop out her fur.

It seems to be everyday now I come home from work and there's some poop on the floor to greet me! Any help or advice much appreciated. :)

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear she's having problems. In reading your description of the problem, a few things that stand out:

She seems to be having trouble cleaning her rear end. Is she in pain? Is she experiencing mobility problems due to arthritis or some other ailment? I would look to answer those questions with a vet visit.

Poop is getting stuck in the hair around her butt, and she's dropping poop on the floor after she exits the box. Is it possible she has too much hair in the gut and that is creating "cling ons" which drop off (or not) as she moves?

She sometimes has soft stools. If her diet is consistent, and that's a new problem, then perhaps she's got some intestinal issue going on? Whether that's too much hair in the gut or something else, again, I think a vet visit is a good idea.

I hope that helps and please let us know what happens with her,


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Jul 31, 2015
Cat Pooping on Floor
by: Kathy

There could be two reasons for that. Has there been any change in the house, a new addition to the home, person or animal, is there a cat outside spraying. Has there been a change in eating habits or is the litter cleaned on a daily basis. Some cats will not go there if it is dirty. They will pee but not poop.

If none of these are an answer then a visit to the vet is in order. Get a stool sample on the day before you leave, put in small pill bottle or plastic storage bag and put in refrigerator until you go to visit. That way, they can see what is wrong.

I hope this help. Good luck.

Jul 26, 2015
I agree
by: Kacy

I agree that she should go to the vet to rule out any serious issues. It is suspicious that it falls off her bottom after exiting the box. Sounds like a lot of hair is being ingested. Try brushing her more often as well as ideas posted by previous ppl. Hope everything works out! Take care

Jul 25, 2015
Wishing the best
by: Lorraine

I do think a vet visit is in order also with my older cat I needed to change his diet to a sensitive digestive one. It also might help to change the litter. I hope things work out.

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