Mukadua from Malaysia

by Pamela Gordon

A friendly "wild" cat fed daily by an Australian yachting couple on the Island of Langkawi.

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patchwork tortiseshell
by: Marinda

My last cat looked a lot like yours. I called her "my female mutant patchwork tortoiseshell lap warmer". A patchwork tortoiseshell has small distinct areas of color, unlike a smoke tortie, which is more of a muddy effect, and calico, which is large patches of color. I named mine Kaleidoscope, because she had the same line down her face.
If I sit down, I have a pet in my lap lol. Guess I'm doing something right :).

by: Anonymous

Mukadua looks like a cat painted by an artist. A photo/portrait of him would be a wonderful piece of art to have in your home. (The real thing is even better, of course.... :)

by: Btiger1426

What beautiful markings!!

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