Meet Butter Cup the Mackerel Tabby

by Judith
(Johnstown, PA USA)

Butter Cup waiting for a treat

Butter Cup waiting for a treat

Butter Cup waiting for a treat

My cat is a 5 month old cream colored, mackerel tabby, with tiger strips. His name is Butter Cup!

He was waiting for a treat when I took this (first) picture. He is a very loved well behaved cat. He loves to get a bath and he even tries to swim in the tub! As soon as you turn the shower water on there he is waiting on the side.

He's very good with my children. He is an indoor cat. His fave toy is his ferret "Frankie" and he loves his bouncy balls. I just love Butter Cup, he is my third child!

Editor's note: Thanks, Judith, for sharing Butter Cup with us! He's very cute and I see he has some very well-defined stripes, and that tongue! That tongue is a weapon!

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