Have You Seen a La Perm Cat?

The La Perm Cat Breed has a unique looking coat. Affectionate and intelligent, this cat is an excellent hunter with barn cat heritage.

The La Perm is a cat breed with an unusual coat. It could be described as having a permanent bad hair day. In fact, you might even call them the bad hair day cat.

Originating in the United States in the early nineteen eighties, it is probably closely related to the Rex cat breed.

These cats actually have a wavy coat, which makes them look as though their hair has been "permed." This may be where their name came from.

Whatever the name, whatever the breed origin, this cat is definitely not your average cuddly house cat. And that's not only just in looks. These cats are excellent mousers and enjoy activities outdoors.

Given their beginnings, this is actually not too surprising. They look like the Oriental cat breeds, but they actually are descended from American barn cats.

If you are looking for a docile, placid lap cat, you won't find that in a La Perm. This breed does have a very affectionate and playful nature, however, and is often an excellent choice for families, especially in a multiple cat household.

If you don't want the hassle of caring for a longhair cat, fear not. This breed comes in two flavors, longhair and shorthair. As you might expect, the longhair has a graceful, plumed tail, while the shorthair's tail is more plain.

Both varieties of this cat have similar body types. Primary features include big eyes, a wedge shaped head and a muscular body. The shorthair has ears that are slightly Oriental in appearance, while the longhair has more rounded eyes.

These cats are a little on the large side, usually anywhere from eight to twelve pounds. Both flavors also have a distinct undercoat and overcoat, although the longhair has a thicker undercoat.

With barn cat heritage, it makes sense that they come in almost every color and pattern. In addition, for the first few years, they were not bred for specific types or colors. Apparently, the founding breeder did not immediately realize just how unique these cats were.

Interestingly enough as well, the founding kitten of the breed was completely bald. When the wavy coat appeared, the breeder may have just been happy to see her kitten finally grow any hair at all.

Not all kittens in this breed are hairless so young. They do all go through a stage, however, where they lose their kitten coats and have not yet developed their curly adult coats.

As with all newer cat breeds, the Cat Fancier's Association has placed the La Perm in the Provisional Class. The breed will remain there until it proves itself, at which time the CFA will move it to the Championship Class.

A wide gene pool helps to make this breed very sturdy and healthy. You should still ensure, of course, that you give your cat regular veterinary care including immunizations.

This cat is affectionate and intelligent, and also has a very unique appearance. If you're the right person, the La Perm cat breed could be the right cat.

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