Funny Kitten Pictures

Funny kitten pictures for your enjoyment. These are some of my favorites that I picked up over at icanhascheezburger. If you'd like to submit your own pics to my site, hop on over to the funny cat pictures page.

This kitty will never get ear mites...

I iz nu heer

Wich way to earz dept?

little kitten looks like he needs ears

Cats have to learn at a young age to deal with the captions.

Why r der wurds up der, moma?

Iz caled a capshun. U get used to dem.

kittens with mother cat

I iz up... I iz up...

...I givez up

exhausted kitten

This kitten needs to lay off the sauce...

Drunk kitteh is drunk...

kitten looks drunk

LOL Tetris...

tabby kittens in box look like tetris game

The Abominable Snow Kitten exists (is very scary, but can't spell)!

iz abomn... iz abomilnal...


white kitten in snow

I haz...

...a happee

tabby kitten looks happy

Thriller Kitty

impresses friends

kitten does thriller-like dance


iz stuk in a trees!

Why do cats get stuck in trees? and other cat facts like these can be found throughout the site.

kitten on game board with trees

They grow up so fast. This little one wants to hold the milk bottle himself...

kitten wants to hold milk bottle himself

This kitten is plotting!

kitten is figuring out who to pester

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