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"Even overweight, cats instinctively know the cardinal rule:
when fat, arrange yourself in slim poses."
~John Weitz

Frankie cat plays a mean back beat on my drums...

Frankie cat plays drums

Cats with guns

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Invisible LOLcat

Fluffanutta the Tiger

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Kitten says please to stop poking
Cat chewing cord
3 tigers in a tub
Black and white cat dancing
Cat says no refunds
Babushka cats are in ur box

Image credits: Icanhascheezburger, Primps, Catster.

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Failure to lunch 
This cat is experiencing failure to lunch due to empty food bowl syndrome, a common disease in cats. The cause of this illness? Humans. The glaring …

Pet Wiki T Shirt 
Fluffanutta and Tigger have commandeered my free Pet Wiki T shirt. They seem to really like the shirt and won't let me do anything with it until they've …

4 out of 5 dentists recommend not letting your cat do this 
4 out of 5 dentists recommend not letting your cat do this! Here is your Furry Funny Friday Fix Question: Do you brush your cat's teeth? If so, …

Charging Laser Eyes 
Charging laser eyes! Preparing the pointy endz! Making for battle! Ready to fire laser eyes on command, sir. (In preparation for handling the …

Someone save me from this spider! 
The cat was calm, I wasn't. I just HAD to grab the camera and snap a few. This pic has sent friends into hysterics.

Its cute...isn't it?

Buster, Pebbles, Bambam 
O.K someone help my cats are taking over my house :)

This is my cat Buster he's always fallen asleep in the wrong places :)

This is my cat Thumper. He is eleven years old and thinks he runs my household :)

Thumper and Samson 
These are my cats Thumper and Samson they can't stand each other so imagine my surprise when I found them hanging out together.

I like this picture, my cat Oscar always finds the smallest boxes, pans, and dishes to take a cat nap in and no matter how uncomfortable the position looks …

Evil Kitten 
more funny cat pictures It looks like my cat kitty.

So cute yet so deadly... 
More funny cat pictures Editor's comment: And a fine fine killing machine it is. -Kurt

Zombie Cat 
Zombie Cat is one scary looking cat! Better make sure you keep this zombie happy or you may end up being lunch.


Picture: Kimi the thirsty cat Not rated yet
Kimi thinks her water bowl is so passe, lol! Editor's note: That's very cute and thanks for sharing. Priscilla used to drink from water glasses a lot. …

The landlord cat Not rated yet
Editor's note: Landlord cat wants the rent for the use of the cat tree, and it looks like there is going to be an eviction. "Is mah tree fort." …

Why this calico cat has an attitude Not rated yet
Have you heard that calico cats have an attitude? Well, there's one particular painted cat that has good reason to be upset. It's all laid out in a letter …

I am NOT Sela Ward! Not rated yet
I am NOT Sela Ward, I'm a cat! Yahoo! News reported a Reuters story on July 13, 2010 that Sela Ward is joining the cast of "CSI: NY" when the show begins …

LOL Leopard Not rated yet
Not a LOL leopard, and not a leopard with stripes either, but a very rare King Cheetah!

See? He's her lobster Not rated yet
When I saw this pic, I simply couldn't resist the "Friends" reference.

Introoder Alert! Not rated yet
This dog is going to need an intervention soon if he tries to fit through that door. Then again, he may be large enough to break the door down! …

Turtle Cat Not rated yet
Priscilla is Turtle Cat. Turtle Cat is most wise among cats, but refuses to reveal any of her knowledge. It would upset the balance of the universe for …

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Oreo getting a foot massage Not rated yet
Oreo is my very strange Tuxedo cat. He frequently entertains us with his antics - he has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to perform. Here I am rubbing …

My cat Thumper Not rated yet

Foods Plz!! Not rated yet
I like (this photo) because Rocky is my cat with no teeth :)

Sylvester Not rated yet
This is my cat Sylvester he loves to sleep on his back and show off his pretty tummy :)

Samson and Bambam Not rated yet
I like this picture because they look so sweet when their cuddled up together :)

Oscar Not rated yet
I think it is adorable- from elmo(i think), too

chillin like a villin Not rated yet
Add your own funny cat videos too

Simon lookin freaked out Not rated yet
This is my cat lookin scared. He's so cute

loney's jeer Not rated yet
if you bother, beware of me jeer you.. hahahahaha... uWeeeLLLeeee.... by : -Loney Sekar Jagad Von Saskia Hawa- Jakarta, Indonesia Type : …

Cat Eating Satay Not rated yet

ways to get a drink. Not rated yet
My cat will do anything to get a super fresh drink. Sara will wait for me to turn the water on a little. she will sometimes wait until someone comes by …

We Need to Talk About Ceiling Cat Not rated yet
Since I own the site, I'll be the first to contribute... Ever get the feeling you're being watched? This cat has something important to say. Maybe …

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