Cop Kicks Cat

by Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

A Taylor, TX cop kicks a house cat in this video that's been circulating television news stations.

It's friendly black cat versus cop, with the cat trying to make friends, and the cop kicking the cat several times.

This video is funny until you see the police officer kick the cat.

No anger management issues with those carrying guns here I'm sure.

At first, you're fooled since the cat climbs on the officer and the cop appears to be OK with it, even wearing the cat as a hat for a bit. But it turns ugly when the officer decides to kick the cat more than once.

The Fox Newsaganda headline says "Cat Climbs Cop At Traffic Stop" and says that "a Texas cop showed he could keep his cool when pestered by a frisky feline."

I disagree. It's clear in the video below that the officer kicked the cat several times.

The Denver Post had an article (that seems to have been archived into never-never land), but KENS, San Antonio, has the same language (from the AP story)...

"Video shows patient cop with affectionate cat" and uses the term "finally gently booting the kitty away."

They then add:

"Police Chief Jeff Straub said Urban never mentioned the feline encounter until he became concerned that the cat might have been injured when they parted ways."

In other words, "I may have injured the cat when I kicked it." Now that this has been reported on MSNBC, local news stations, newspapers, and websites, they'd better act like they care.

Where is PETA when you need them?

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