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Cats With Guns

Cats with guns is an internet phenomenon which has evolved a bit over time. I always thought of it as sort of a sub-meme to the lolcats meme, with pictures of cats (usually) holding guns.

Funny picture of cat firing gun
Sometimes the cats are firing the weapons, and sometimes just holding them.

Obviously this is often achieved through the use of photo-editing software (such as Photoshop, for example).

Like many memes and Internet creations, the origin of these photos are often unknown, at least by the time they become popular.

They get passed around in emails, end up on various blogs and social sites, and soon, any reference to the original creator is gone.

dog and cat photos

Sometimes the pics look more real, and are probably not photoshopped or altered. This black cat pictured below is probably a good hunter. I imagine the weapon is unnecessary, as claws and teeth do a great job. But, maybe big game is on the menu today. Wildebeest, anyone? BTW, are black cats lucky at hunting?

All your weapon are belong to us

Hunting Cat

More recently, however, the phrase "cats with guns" has become associated with something that definitely has a clear origin: a t shirt featuring Bunny the cat (of the Pinky Show fame) holding an AK-47.

Even more attention turned to Pinky and Bunny when one of their readers wrote in to say that they were not pleased by what they felt the shirt represented. So, Pinky created a video response to the reader's email complaint. Pinky has a way of using simple questions to effectively dilute an argument.

Chloe da redneck cat. She sleeps on the gun rack
Chloe the redneck cat sleeps on the gun rack. Go figure.

I hear she has a nice pick up truck too. I wonder if she can reach the pedals?

Gun Moll

Gun Moll

Under the gun

Under The Gun

Sniper cat is a popular image you'll see around the Web. It's a picture of a gray kitten by a window holding a sniper rifle.

lolcats funny cat pictures

The Sniper Cat pic has been used as part of a number of videos uploaded to the Youtube video sharing site, often showing how the kitten has shot squirrels, dogs, and even other kitties. It was submitted as a still picture to a photo hoax contest at in 2006. There is at least one other "sniper cat" picture that I've seen, but it's not as popular as this one.

The opposite of cats with guns...

Cat won't stop for police with guns

Update: I'm not sure how I missed it, but one of the most famous felines with firearms in history is the character of Begemot from Master and Margarita, sporting his browning. I listed him on the black cat names page, but not here. Thanks to a tweet concerning a cat t shirt design from @Zerobriant I was reminded to include Begemot here.

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