Cat sleeping in her litter box

by Ashley

My Cat Momo won't stop sleeping in her litter box even after she uses it. Just a few days ago I noticed I have been seeing my cat less and less.

Today I found my 13 year old Momo sitting in her litter box. I topped it off to her just having to go but hours later there she was still in there and now she was laying down in her own waste.

She wouldn't come out. This all started when I had a new roommate move into my room.

She was doing fine with the addition of two dogs and a new cat but now since the new roommate she won't leave the litter box unless I block it off after pulling her out of it. I don't know what to do.

I'm sorry to hear that Momo is having problems, Ashley. It sounds like your kitty has had to adjust to a lot of changes in her life. Cats hate change!

And they need enough space to be able to time share with the other creatures they live with. If the other creatures in the house don't understand time sharing space, then the cat has to adjust and that causes stress.

Cats may sleep in the litter box when they're highly stressed or depressed, but also when they're ill. The arrival of a new roommate may have been her breaking point, or it may be that she has an illness and the new roommate is a coincidence.

If your vet clears her, then I think it's highly possible she's depressed over her world being infringed on and she feels threatened. Assuming it's not a health issue...

Cats like to be in control, so whenever possible, you want to give them the choice to be alone or be with a person or other animal. You want to do whatever you can to make your cat feel "normal" and in control.

Does Momo have sufficient space so that she can be alone? Did she have a favorite spot or two that is now usually occupied by other creatures?

Can you arrange it so that she can reclaim that space or give her another space to herself?

What about climbing furniture such as cat trees? With two cats, you may need 2 cat trees if there's a battle for high ground.

If she prefers to spend time on the ground rather than up high, can you set up a cave-like space for her? My cat Priscilla used to use the pillows on the bed as a cave. Teddie would hide under the comforter.

Perhaps you can set something up or simply get her a cardboard box to hide in.

Does she have a scratching board or post? Rub catnip on it if she reacts to that and encourage her to use it twice a day. It relieves stress and stretches the muscles.

Get her a catnip plant (I'm sure you've read about placing the catnip inside a bird cage by now) or some cat grass to chew on.

How many litter boxes do you have? With 2 cats, you should normally have 3.

Does your cat get enough exercise? People, cats, dogs... we all need it and it can help alleviate stress.

Do you play with her a lot? I would spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening playing with her.

Does she have a favorite toy? Try that first, and also get her some new cat toys. Most cats love toys like Da Bird... feathery flying things. Others like to chase ball toys or rolled up paper -- go with what she likes.

Hide treats around the house for her to forage. It helps bring out that hunting instinct.

You might want to read this page about this cat sleeping in the litter box as well.

I hope that gives you some direction. Please update us on what you try and how she's doing.


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May 09, 2012
Listen to your Cat
by: Anonymous

I believe your cat is trying to tell you something. Please take her/him to vet. I hope your cat is OK, but, you might want to check for U.T.I. and the cat's kidneys. When a cat acts different in any way, they are telling you something. "Listen to your Cat." I know this because my cat did the same thing.
Good Luck and Best of Health to you and your Cat. :)

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