Cat Shelters

Cat shelters regularly adopt out thousands of pet cats to loving homes. Unfortunately, millions of cats will lose out, and not be adopted this year.

If you're thinking about adopting a rescue cat yourself, you're not alone. Many current cat owners got their kitties this way (including me!), and some wouldn't think of getting a cat through any other means.

Of the three kitties who inspired this Website, two were adopted from a shelter, and one was found abandoned under a trailer, separated from her mommy cat way too early. So, they're all rescue cats.

But, you're not just limited to random bred cats at shelters, either. There are rescue organizations and shelters that specialize in purebred rescue as well. It's hard to believe that purebred cats would end up in shelters, but they do, and you can take one home.

Sometimes, these cats are mixed-breed, and other times while they resemble a particular breed you can't be certain of their background. But, some of them have papers, and others are rehomed through their original breeder.

Got Cat Shelter? Tell Us About It!

Got shelter? Got cats? Let's put your cats together with people who want to adopt them, and benefactors willing to donate to your cause.

You can create your own listing right here on the site, generate interest and improve your adoption and donation rate by getting more exposure. Leave your contact information (website URL, address, phone number, etc.).

Tell us about your shelter. The more unique and inviting your entry, the more your listing will stand out. Click the question mark for more details.

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