Cat scoots butt on carpet and leaves racing stripes

by B.
(Fishers, IN)

Our 8 year old, overweight cat is having a sanitary issue using the litter box. After basically wiping her butt on the carpet to clean herself, she still smells of urine and poop.

You can tell by the hair around her butt that she is not cleaning herself very well. Could this be a medical problem, or is this a sanitary problem?

We have taken her to the vet once, and cleared, but it is getting worse. Please let me know of any similar situations and the solutions that might work.


My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is not feeling good. Years ago, one of our readers thought her cat, Cinnamon, might have constipation because she was leaving scooting marks on the carpet.

Her problem turned out to be related to anal sacs. In some cats (and dogs), the anal sacs may get impacted and need to be expressed. They can also abscess and get infected.

I have heard from other readers whose cats did this scooting behavior, and their problems were either anal sacs, intestinal parasites, or a different type of bowel problem.

I would think your vet would have checked for these things and at least attempted to express the anal sacs if needed, but if not, it's worth exploring.

In addition, if your cat is not cleaning herself as well as she should, it could be because she's not feeling good.

Now, is that due to an anal sac problem causing her some pain and discomfort? Or is it due to some other health problem? I don't know.

Some cats will spend extra time licking the anal area if they have an anal sac problem, but your cat may not.

I would always err on the side of caution and suggest following up with your veterinarian for guidance.

I hope that helps and please keep us updated.

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Sep 29, 2017
Cat scoots
by: jean

I have a 17 lb 15 year old cat. We got her hind end shaved at the vets, they checked to make sure no health problems. I have a supply of baby wipes and the minute I see her attempt to scoot, she looks at me and I wipe her down.
Works for me.

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