Cat pooping on floor near door where outside cat is

by Martha

My cousin's 9 month old cat uses the litter box regularly.

She is an indoor cat. There are feral cats that come to the porch to be fed.

Lately when my cousin goes out the door to feed the ferals, the kitten poops right by the door.

Is this territorial behavior? The kitten has been spayed.

My Thoughts:

I think it's highly possible it's marking, Martha, or it could be a fear response. Some cats do mark territory by defecating, and a response to outside cats is not uncommon.

The reaction is often worse if your cat can see the offenders, but sensing them may be enough as well.

Can the ferals be fed farther away from the house? Is there a place where they can be fed where she can't see them? That may help.

Also, you might try Feliway as this may reduce the need to mark territory. As always, we're assuming she's 100 percent healthy.

I hope that helps. Please tell us how things turn out.

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Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Kurt - I want to thank you again for your suggestions! I finally talked to my cousin who followed your suggestions and the problem stopped! We appreciate it!!

Editor's note: CATabulous! That's great news! You're welcome, Martha. I'm always happy to help a kitty in distress. And thanks so much for letting me know it worked!

Oct 19, 2011
Thank You!!
by: Martha

Thank you so much for your thoughts on this! I reviewed with my cousin (who doesn't have Internet access right now). She is going to move the feral feeding dishes.

She had thought the indoor kitten would enjoy watching the other kitties so she has been leaving the door open so she could watch. Apparently not a good idea!

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