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A cat insurance policy may make sense for you and your cat, but which company and which plan do you choose? Here's some detail on companies offering various plan types.

These programs are typically available to pet owners who are residents of the United States, and in some cases, Canada. Over the years, many companies will be expanding to include other countries.

Cat health is a complicated issue. House cats are, by nature, stealthy. Cats are good at hiding pain and discomfort, and sometimes spend many hours out of sight of their owners.

Domestic cats may be subject to a number of medical problems both large and small. A number of cat symptoms may be emergencies.

Some of these can be easily detected (vomiting is pretty obvious), but many others cannot (internal bleeding or abdominal pain, for example).

This makes it important that you check on your cat often, and take your cat to the vet for regular check ups, not just when there might be signs of trouble. Trouble can sometimes come in the form of behavior changes, as well as physical signs of illness or overt symptoms.

As discussed in my article on pet insurance, it can be a good idea to have a policy on your cat. The question then, becomes, which plan do I choose? Which company do I go with, and what are the costs?

As the need for cat insurance products expands, more companies will enter the market. In addition, both new and existing companies will continue to improve their products and offer more flexible and comprehensive policies. Below are a some of the current best offerings from some of the top companies offering plans for cats.

VPI - Veterinary Pet Insurance

Currently, Veterinary Pet Insurance offers two major medical plans: the VPI Superior Plan or the VPI Standard Plan. You can also get one of the Pet WellCare Protection riders to cover optional routine care, including dental and spay or neuter procedures, flea control, and vaccinations (More about cat vaccinations).

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace promotes itself as the only company offering cat insurance that you can totally customize, thereby saving you money on your premiums. Instead of just offering a few major medical plans to choose from, you choose your annual policy maximum, the annual deductible, and the co-pay in order to best fit your budget and your needs.

You can also choose chronic care coverage, and dental illness coverage. There's a prescription drug coverage option available as well, which is a good option to help defer the high cost of pet medication.

Quick Care Pet Insurance

Pet Health Insurance For Cats & Dogs
Quick Care Pet Insurance also has flexible plans for cats in that there are varying levels of coverage and deductibles, including an accident only plan, $50 deductible, and a plan specifically for senior cat care. There's also a separate insurance plan you can purchase for indoor cats.

If you have a cat that is at higher risk for disease or injury, your veterinary costs will obviously be higher. In these cases, purchasing cat insurance probably makes sense.

Those at higher risk include:

  • An outdoor cat
  • An older cat
  • A cat with a previous history of health problems

If you're concerned about regular cat care costs, you can choose to include a routine care feature in your plan and your premiums. If you're simply concerned about catastrophic or emergency type care, you can choose that type of plan. With all of the different plans available, there should be a plan that fits your situation.

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