Cat Figurines
Popular Collectible Gifts

Cat figurines are a popular collectible and make great gifts for cat lovers. Here are some excellent choices for kitty statues and places to buy them.

Some people like to collect them and put them in a display case or on a shelf. Others prefer the outdoor type and decorate their patios, gardens, and yards with likenesses of cats in statue form.

Cat Figurines from Animal Den

Animal Den has a line of lifelike feline statuettes. These include hand painted, stone resin sculptures in the likeness of house cat breeds, such as the Persian, the Siamese, and the Maine Coon.

Coat color variations include the popular tabby, the black cat, the black and white tuxedo cat, and the calico.

Cat Figurines from Collectibles Today

Collectibles Today has a selection of figurines honoring the feline form as well (including domestic cats and kittens, as well as Siberian tigers). These include lines from the Bradford Exchange and Charles Wysocki cat art.

Some of the items they carry are the Cat-itudes Collectible Glass Cat Figurine Collection, A Purr-fect Christmas Illuminated Figurine, the Power of Big Cats, and the Kitty Couture Collectible Kitten Figurine Collection. They also have Thomas Kinkade products, as well as charity cat collectibles such as the Purr for a Cure Breast Cancer Awareness figurine.

The San Francisco Music Box Company

The San Francisco Music Box Company has musical figurines and water globes which serve as gifts for all occasions. They opened their first store (I actually visited their store in San Fransisco years ago) in 1978. My mother has been ordering gifts from these folks for years and they are of high quality. They have a number of cat themed items that make great gifts for cat lovers of all ages, including coworkers, family, and friends.

Here are a few items from them...

Shelf Sitter Cats
in various colors

Water and Snow Globes

More Globes

Here's their November 2008 special which ends November 30...

Online Discount Mart

Online Discount Mart sells home and garden products. They have a selection of unusual and artistic cat collectible items, often with some of the best prices on the Internet for these types of products.

Here's a sampling...

Cat with Chest

Price: 18.95
Oh that naughty kitty! A delightful tortie tomboy...
Read More

I Need You

Price: 27.95
There's nothing quite like knowing you're loved and wanted. Espe...
Read More

Claude the Cat

Price: 34.95
The artisans at the Breed Apart Collection are almost as creative...Read More

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