Cat Articles You May Have Missed

A list of cat articles and feline resources that you may have overlooked, but probably should have been told about. Since it'll be a while before I can put together my entire series of "why do cats..." I thought I'd re-purpose this page with some tidbits of information.

  • Why do cats...?

    Ever wonder why cats do stuff? This article answers some frequently asked questions, and elaborates on some interesting facts, such as why do cats knead? and Why do cat's eyes glow in the dark?

  • Cat asthma

    Many of us know that humans often suffer from allergies to cats, and pet allergies may exacerbate asthma. But, what's less commonly known is that cats themselves may suffer from allergies, and that cats may have asthma.

  • Pets as medicine

    You've probably read about the therapy cat Oscar, the cat that predicts death. Oscar has provided comfort and company to many in their time of need. The companionship of pets has been shown to have a calming effect, and provide improved health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure. Your ideal prescription for a better, healthier life, may just be a cat.

  • Proper pet dental care

    A healthy mouth makes a healthy cat. Veterinarians are telling us that they're seeing dental disease in cats as young as three years old. With cats living to age 14 and beyond, many older kitties are losing their teeth. By brushing your cats teeth, you may be able to avoid putting your cat through an avoidable battle with dental disease.

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