Cat aggression before meal time

by Neilbert Jala

This is Samantha

This is Samantha

My partner and I have a cat named Samantha. We adopted her two years ago and found her on the street near to my house in Butuan City, Philippines in my hometown.

Samantha is a very sweet and playful cat. She always sleeps with us by our feet and sometimes between us so that we can hug her.

Every time she asks for food and feels ignored she always bites my foot, sometimes hard, sometimes not, but it doesn't create a wound.

She is so impatient about waiting for her food, even though I tell her, "Please wait Samantha because I am preparing your food my baby," every time I am about to feed her.

Is there anything that we can do to prevent Samantha from biting our feet while we are preparing food for her, or any way to understand why she is doing that so we can adjust ourselves to Samantha's biting behavior?

Any thoughts will be appreciated! :)

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by: Hank the Burmese Dad

Train your cat. All cats can respond to basic commands like stop, no and sit. Because you don't have a kitten and she was most likely feral this will take longer, but would be very rewarding in the end.

First - nibbling at your feet. Boil some bay leaf in water and put in spray bottle. When you go to prepare her food spray your feet or shoes. They don't care for the smell of Bay Leaf. She will continue but not as aggressive. This is where you start to train her to understand the sound of "stop". Use it in a deeper voice tone, not high pitched because cats hearing is tuned to higher frequencies for the rodents they would naturally hunt. The deeper tune of your voice makes them aware this is something different and they pay better attention.

Next, once you are ready to serve her you then hold the bowl up and start saying sit, in a higher tone voice. As you lower the bowl she will stop prancing as it nears the floor. Keep repeating sit. When you are just above her head slowing move the bowl over her head so she needs to sit to continue to see it. Then with your other hand once she is sitting pet her and praise her. She won't understand what she has done but will love the petting and see the food as a reward. Follow this at every feeding and in about 2-3 weeks she will stop nibbling your feet when you tell her to without the spray and will sit on command and calm down. It is also very important to feed her at about the same time everyday so her internal clock will know when she can actually expect food.

Bossy cat
by: Kurt (Admin)

It sounds like you have a bossy cat! My suggestion would be to put Samantha in another room with the door closed while you prepare her food. Place her food dish in its usual spot, then show her to her meal.

Thank you for saving her from the streets!

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