Boost the Immune System
of Your Pet?

For years, dietary supplements that claim to boost the immune system in humans have been used by serious athletes and lay people alike. Now, they're new and improved, and available for your pet. Do they work? Some experts and many pet owners say "yes."

Can You Really Boost the Immune System
of Your Pet with a Dietary Supplement?

As a pet owner, one of the best things that you can do is to help your pet improve her immune system.

By feeding your pet certain supplements, you may be able to do exactly that.

It is generally accepted that the immune systems of all mammals work in similar ways.

In other words, whether cat, dog, horse, cow, or even humans, our bodies work in very much the same fashion to keep us healthy.

A complex network of systems covering the whole body down to the level of each cell works in harmony to keep us well.

When these systems are not in harmony, the system breaks down, and disease sets in. Your pet's well being then, depends upon supporting these systems.

In principle, the immune system functions best when it is properly nourished. Nourishment for the immune system comes in a number of forms. Proper nutrition, low stress, adequate exercise and rest, and love and attention can all improve immune function.

Since the immune system is crucial to overall pet health, then responsible pet ownership includes ensuring that we provide an environment that supports our pet's immune function.

In the eyes of a growing number of animal health experts, that includes feeding supplements that are immune system boosters, or "modulators."

Note: It's estimated that about one-third of all pet house cats don't see the veterinarian in a given year. Not good!

Traditional approaches, of course, such as regularly veterinary care, including vaccinations against preventable feline illnesses are still important.

Also important is your involvement in checking your cat, preferably weekly, for cat illness symptoms. Also be on the lookout for these signs of cat illness.

dog and cat photos

The following products have received an overwhelming endorsement by health care practitioners, veterinarians, and researchers, who've witnessed the benefits in companion animals first hand. Obviously, you'll want to check with your veterinarian before giving your cat or other pet any supplements.

Since these products are not mainstream, many of these people have been willing to put their professional reputations on the line to get behind these products. Pet owners, who in many cases have exhausted "traditional" remedies for their pets, have been using these products and have great things to say.

Immune System Products

Below are products that have been reported to boost the immune system of your pet.

4life Transfer Factor - 4life Research, one of the premier companies in this field, has immune support products for both animals and people.

Immune 26 - hyperimmune egg products have been used by body builders and endurance athletes to enhance performance. Now you and your pet can get the benefits as well.

Research on Immune Boosters:

If you'd like to read about some of the research and concepts behind products that boost the immune system, the following links will help...

Transfer Factor Research - backgrounder on the history and science behind transfer factors.

Transfer Factors - what are transfer factors, and how do they affect the immune system?

Hyperimmune Egg - what is a hyperimmune egg, and how does it affect the immune system?

More You Can Do

A cat parent's work is never done, and there's always more that you can do to boost your cat's health.

Other things you can do to boost the immune system of your cat:

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
  • Provide plenty of fresh water. To encourage your cat to drink more, get a pet fountain that provides a flow of moving water.

  • Sunshine on my furry shoulder makes me happy. Similar to humans, the sun allows your cat's body to produce vitamin D. Felines, however, get it by licking their sun exposed fur rather than through their skin like people.

  • Exercise your cat regularly and often with fun toys.

  • Quality cat food is essential.

  • Build an indoor cat sanctuary where your cat can have playtime, alone time, get some exercise, and some rest in a sunny spot.

  • A safe taste of the outdoors does a feline body good. Provide an outdoor cat house or use one of the many available outdoor cat enclosures (or build your own) to build an outdoor cat sanctuary.

A healthy cat is a well behaved cat (well, it helps!). All of the above can help prevent cat health problems as well as behavior problems, and enrich your cat's life.

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