8 year old female cat poops on bedroom floor

by Stacey

My eight year old female poops on the bedroom floor while we are in bed! We have three kitties. Two females and a male. We rescued the one female when she was about five weeks old and raised her.

She was impregnated quite young by my daughter's male cat. She only had two kittens and we kept both. One male, one female.

Sadly, my daughter's cat died about a year later after emergency surgery for mega colon. He'd been diagnosed for six months and had been receiving treatment.

We've had other cats in the household as well, but currently just the three. Mom, brother, and sister.

The sister has always been a bit hinky. She gets so nervous when you put her in a carrier she instantly soils herself and then mews like she's dying all the car trip. Needless to say we don't take her anywhere much.

She also doesn't do well with changes. We have four litter boxes in the basement bathroom. They are kept clean and this is where they've always been.

For some reason, she's recently started acting strange. She hisses and smacks at her brother, is on top of me constantly, even though she used to prefer my husband.

She still snuggles and grooms her mother, but sometimes hisses and slaps her randomly. Sometimes when she's on my lap and I pet her, she bites me. I'm used to love nips or her chewing my fingertips, but these are hard bites and she'll growl.

She's not eating as much as usual either. She seems to be urinating in the box, but has pooped on our bedroom floor 3 times in the last two weeks despite us being in the bed at the time!!

It is one spot, right in the doorway from the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom. She meows piteously when we go to bed at night and sometimes refuses to sleep on our bed as is their habit.

I clean the spot very well and spray Lysol on it. I've also tried the pheromones, both the plug in and spray types. Nothing is working.

The poop is not overly large or hard as though she were constipated or developing mega colon. She's got a nice, soft, shiny coat, no fever, and is fed Science diet canned food (1/2 can total in 3 feedings daily) along with Science diet hairball relief and sensitive stomach dry food. She's not overweight or under loved. Any ideas?

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My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having problems. From what you describe, she's in a stable home and is well cared for.

Yet, your cat has undergone some behavioral changes, is eating less than normal, is pooping outside the litter box, and is agitated or aggressive at seemingly random times.

It sounds like she's exhibiting signs of either stress or illness. Any change in the household can produce stress, and if she's a nervous cat to begin with, it might not take much to throw her off.

If she's not under additional stress, though, then she may be ill.

If she were my cat, I'd do whatever I could to reduce her stress levels, and I'd place a call to my veterinarian so she can be health checked.

I hope that helps and please let us know how she makes out.

P.S. One thing to note, and this is so others reading this can see it, is that I would be careful with Lysol.

According to an article by Dr. Alexandre Ellis published at UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, some formulations of Lysol contain phenol.

"...phenol-containing cleaners can be toxic to cats and their use is not recommended."

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