7 year old female cat pooping on the carpet/rugs/blankets

by Anonymous

My 7 year old female cat had good litter box habits, but started pooping on various carpets throughout the house in the past couple of years.

I got her to stop using the two rugs that she started on and she used her box with no problems for awhile.

I also have a male cat that has very good litter box habits.

Initially I only had one box, which they both used fine. I scoop twice a day.

I got a second box, which worked for awhile. When she started pooping on the carpet on a daily basis, I got a third box and put it in a different location, but not in an area that she never visits.

Again, okay for awhile. Then she started pooping on the rug under the box, and then on the carpet next to the box when I removed the rug.

I've cleaned this area several times. I've tried the Cat Attract litter... did not work.

I've started trying isolation training. She is locked up in the evening, based on her poop schedule, and allowed out during the day.

She has used her box consistently for the past week until last night, then she pooped and peed on her sleeping blanket, which is next to her food dish.

She's been to the vet and is healthy. Our household routine has not changed, we are monotonous people.

Sorry this is so long, but I am trying to be detailed and hope someone can help me. My husband is ready to take her back to the pound.

My Thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that your kitty is having problems. It seems like each time you try a remedy, you get some relief for a while.

It also sounds like she has a texture preference for soft surfaces, such as carpet or blankets. Some people (including one of our readers) have had success in these cases by placing towels in a litter box and allowing the cat to use that.

It's somewhat odd (but may or may not be significant) that she would urinate and defecate on a blanket close to her food dish. Usually, cats will avoid that.

I'm wondering if she's stressed by something, and there's always the possibility of an undiagnosed medical condition, but that will take some investigating by your vet.

Is it possible that she and your male cat are having some disagreements? This can throw a sensitive cat off pretty easily.

If you can make it happen, isolation retraining 24/7, with lots of attention and praise would be something I'd want to try. For stress reduction, Feliway or Rescue Remedy may be a good option.

If you can't resolve this with the help of your veterinarian or an animal behaviorist and decide you need to give her up, please make sure that you select a true no-kill rescue organization or shelter.

A 7 year old cat with a litter box problem that ends up at a shelter is likely not to survive long.

I hope that helps. Please keep us updated on her progress.

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